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High Quality Portable & Temporary Classrooms

Given the strain on school resources, particularly classrooms, the solution lies in modular school constructions. These cost-effective and swiftly installed portable buildings offer single or double classroom units, nursery facilities, changing rooms, and specialized spaces for art, sports, and other curriculum needs.

Using Acrol Portable & Temporary Classrooms
Acrol are specialists in modular classrooms, excel in building both temporary and permanent prefabricated educational spaces for institutions like schools, colleges, universities, councils, and local authorities. Our diverse range of materials allows us to tailor the construction to your specifications and standards.

Acrol Modular, Portable & Temporary Classrooms
Acrol Modular, Portable & Temporary Classrooms

Some might assume prefab classrooms lack the cozy charm and amenities of brick buildings, but that’s far from true. Our prefab classrooms provide the expected access to water, heating, and electricity, just like traditional structures. They’re incredibly energy efficient, ensuring comfort for your staff and students while sometimes even being more cost-effective to heat than conventional builds.

Why Choose Acrol for Temporary & Portable Classrooms?
Drawing from over three decades of experience in crafting modular and mobile classrooms, Acrol possesses the expertise to swiftly and efficiently construct durable buildings without compromising quality.

For more information on the range of Modular Portable & Temporary Classrooms we supply, please call Acrol today on 07947 160759.

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