Acrol Portable & Temporary Classrooms

High Quality Portable & Temporary Classrooms

Modular classrooms, whether intended for temporary or permanent use, stand out as an ideal solution for creating dynamic learning environments spanning from early education to higher levels.

Whether you require an independent unit during school renovations or seek an extension that harmonizes with your current structure, we’ve got the solution for you. Collaborating within your budget, we’ll craft a temporary school environment that fosters an optimal learning atmosphere.

Innovative Design & Construction
Our seasoned design, pre-construction, and project teams comprehend the complexities of education site development, emphasising the seamless integration of modular classrooms while prioritizing minimal disruption to teaching.

Acrol Modular, Portable & Temporary Classrooms
Acrol Modular, Portable & Temporary Classrooms
With our rapid building solutions, including temporary classrooms, we address the increasing demand for school capacity and cultivate inspiring environments across various education levels—primary, secondary, further and higher education.

From inception to handover, we engage closely with education providers and local authorities. Our offsite modular, temporary, and portable classrooms are designed to minimize environmental impact throughout the building’s life cycle.

Our interim educational facilities serve as the ideal solution during refurbishments or when you need to expand the capacity of your school, university, or college. We prioritize minimizing disruption, ensuring swift installation of your temporary education space without delay.

For more information on the range of Modular Portable & Temporary Classrooms we supply, please call Acrol today on 07947 160759.

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